Average Adjusters Albatross

Libra Tower, 1st Floor
23 Olympion Street
3035 Limassol

P O Box 54117
3721 Limassol

Tel : +357-2558 8988
Fax: +357-2558 3254
Email : admin@alba.com.cy

V.A.T. Reg. No 10018441J

Michael Steemers

Michael Steemers obtained a Master’s degree in Dutch Civil Law at the University of Leiden and a Master’s degree in Law at the University of Southampton. He has been employed as a lawyer, registered at the High Court of The Hague, with a general practice for 2 years and joined the company in 1989. He is a permanent resident in Cyprus and in 2000 became a Senior Adjuster and Director of the firm. Michael has extensive knowledge and experience in the marine insurance field and speaks Dutch and English. He is a member of the Management Commission of the AMD (International Association of Average Adjusters), representing Cyprus and its present Treasurer.

e-mail: m.steemers@alba.com.cy

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