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Average Adjusters Albatross

Libra Tower, 1st Floor
23 Olympion Street
3035 Limassol

P O Box 54117
3721 Limassol

Tel : +357-2558 8988
Fax: +357-2558 3254
Email : admin@alba.com.cy

V.A.T. Reg. No 10018441J

Albatross Average Adjusters


We, Albatross Adjusters Limited, are a firm of highly qualified professional and truly independent Average Adjusters and Marine Claims Consultants, aiming to provide a service of excellence to the shipping and insurance communities. 

Our qualified personnel of Marine Insurance Specialists and Average Adjusters work in teams to resolve claims efficiently and to offer our clients expert advice along the way. With our nautical and legal qualifications, technical training and knowledge and years of professional experience, we successfully handle a wide range of marine casualty cases, including Particular Average, General Average, Loss-of-Hire, Collision, Salvage, Recovery as well as other related cases.

We have adopted the albatross for our name. Albatrosses are iconic creatures, a flagship species for the oceans. They are extraordinary, almost mythical creatures, with their enormous wingspan, great longevity and remarkable powers of ocean navigation and travel, almost transcending the very concept of what it means to be a bird.  

The albatross, a nomadic bird that covers great distances over the ocean, is considered a sign of good luck to the sailor. An albatross following a sailing vessel gives it protection, as if sailors from the past are watching over her and the crew.




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