Average Adjusters Albatross
Libra Tower, 1st Floor
23 Olympion Street
3035 Limassol

P O Box 54117
3721 Limassol

Tel : +357-2558 8988
Fax: +357-2558 3254
Email : admin@alba.com.cy

Costas Karaloizou

Costas Karaloizou (born 1973) obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester and a Master's degree in International Transport at the department of Maritime Studies, University of Cardiff. He has been employed with the company since 1997. Costas has an extensive knowledge and experience in the marine insurance field and speaks Greek and English; he has also an advanced proficiency in information technology and was instrumental in setting up an accounts/management system based on SAP. Costas is an Associate of the Association of Average Adjusters.

e-mail: c.karaloizou@alba.com.cy

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